Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tips for Diet and Exercise

The following model diet tips come from a number of women widely recognized as some of the most beautiful women in the world, women who are both coveted and envied by millions for their delectable body shapes and gorgeous good looks. Why? Because when you're eager to look your best, and you've decided your personal best looks like one of those magnificent glamor girls who just stepped off the cover of a popular magazine, I think you'll agree knowing exactly what these gorgeous women eat (or don't eat) to maintain such healthy-looking, trim and beautiful bodies makes perfect sense.

The number one tip is to drink lots of water. Proper hydration helps keep your skin beautifully smooth and blemish free, and drinking water is the best way to keep yourself hydrated. The "8-glasses a day" you're used to hearing is a minimum measurement. You don't have to stop at eight. A better rule of thumb is to drink one ounce of water for every pound of body weight. So if you weight 120 pounds, you should drink 120 ounces (or 15 8 ounce glasses) of water per day. Following this, the number two tip is to eat at a more leisurely pace. Chew your food longer and take time to savor your meals. You'll eat less because you'll feel fuller on less food than you would if you scarf down your meals in a hurry.

And since no model diet tips article would be complete without tips for you males out there, here are a few for you as well. Top tips are to fill up on fiber and protein. Fiber and protein make you feel full faster. The second tip for male models is to eat five to seven smaller meals throughout the day rather than one to three large meals. This will keep your blood sugar levels "level," while keeping your metabolism kicked up and burning calories.

There are many other diet tips from today's top models you can use, too, like:

- Take pictures of yourself on a regular basis so you can see your progress. It helps motivate you to maintain your diet.
- If you must snack, make sure you eat healthy snacks like almonds
- Drink green tea. Green tea is a natural laxative and appetite suppressant
- Limit or eliminate your alcohol intake
- Eat more raw fruits and vegetables and cut out fat fried foods
- Keep a record of what you eat each day. Having a diet journal will let you see at a glance what you need to limit or remove from your diet
- Replace mayonnaise with mustard - it has less fat
- Eat skinless chicken
- Health-if your pantry and fridge by stocking both with highly nutritious, low fat foods and snacks

t. Back up your weight loss with a good exercise plan and you'll be fashion magazine