Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diet—Breakfast is the most important meal

Get up to late or no time is the reason of empty stomach in the morning which always occurred in some people who living in nervous and busy city. So listen to the good way and pay attention from experts.

Time: Experts said: the most enormous appetite in people’s body at Am 7-8 o’clock that is the most suitable for have breakfast. It’s space more or less 4-5 hours between breakfast and lunch as well. You should increase the amount of breakfast or will lunch before than usual time while have breakfast earlier.

Drink before breakfast: You are in a kind of physiological dehydration that is run from skin, urine, breathing through night’s sleep. Don’t rush to get breakfast after wake up and supplement the body needs by drink 500-800 ML water not only clean up human organs but also avoid illness and good for the functions of organs

Uneaten leftovers: Some housewives prepare fried rice or leftovers again for the family’s breakfast and think rich nutrition and easy .But this method will be impact human body good health.

Try your best to eat fresh foods , vegetables and fruit and save the rest of the food to prevent spoilage.

Refuse to eat while walk:Office worker always spend their morning in haste ,especially far away from company, and buy breakfast in roadside booth,area gateway or near bus stop then eating while walking.
Suggestion:If you choose roadside booth food as breakfast.First,note health;Second,take home or to the company.

Energy from breakfast: Many people prepare some snacks against a rainy day. For example, they picked up snacks for breakfast, convenient and quick, when the no time cooking in the morning.
Fill snacks in stomach as the best important of breakfast is very unscientific.
Advice:①Refuse to eat snacks and no water food as breakfast or you can supply moisture with fruits,fresh vegetables and soup.②Make good breakfast habit from childhood and insist it on the same time every day.

By Long Winter