Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Beach Diet - Lose Weight Fast & Hit the Beach with Confidence With These 10 Tips

If you want a diet for the beach that gets you in shape fast, is healthy, which you will enjoy then this article is for you.

The beach diet enclosed with help you shed those extra pounds quickly and ensure you look and feel great.

Let's get started and get in shape for the beach.


This is not a fad or unhealthy diet, but one that is based upon the principles of the glycemic index to keep you blood sugar even and to prevent hunger cravings.

All the foods below are healthy and are low in calories, but with plenty of fiber to keep you full. You will eat a wide variety of different foods so you get a balanced diet that you won't be bored with.

You don't need to count calories and you will not need to cut out carbohydrates or fats - you will be able to eat them all - but with an emphasis on healthy eating you will derive them from nutritious sources.

Rules of the beach diet

1. Eat 3 main meals per day and 2 snacks, to stop you from getting hunger pangs

2. If you are busy prepare meals in advance that are nutritious.

For example keep cans of oily fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna handy with plenty of salad to eat with baked potatoes or rice. Don't be tempted to grab a pizza keep it healthy and having food on standby will help you avoid temptation.

3. If you eat out have healthy options such as grilled or poached fish (no heavy sauces) or lean white meat such as turkey, chicken or steak. For desert stick to plain fruits.

4. Drink plenty of waters 2 - 3 liters a day. You can also drink herbal or green tea, which is great for helping lose weight. Keep your caffeine intake down and also try and give up alcohol are at most have a glass of red wine with your meal

5. Only do the diet for 2 - 3 weeks maximum this will keep you motivated.

6. Include protein with every meal in the form of lean meats Protein is essential and helps keep you fuller for longer. Any lean meat is fine and that includes red meat.

7. Forget about fat and carbs being bad, there not, but you need to get good carbs from sources such as brown rice and vegetables and good fats from oily fish.

Just think eating as "naturally from the earth" as possible and avoid processed or refined sugary foods.

No sweets, biscuits, fast foods or refined carbs such as fries! Stay away from fizzy drinks even if they are diet ones as they will interfere with your blood sugar levels

8. While you can eat 5 times a day, you must take into account portion control and an easy way to do this is the fist test.

When considering how much to eat, clench you fist and that is the size of the portion of vegetables, rice, and meat you can have.

It's easy to do and will ensure you don't overeat.

9. Under no circumstances skip meals and if you do don't try and double up later!

10, Chew you food, before swallowing to aid digestion. This will mean you derive maximum nutritional value from your food and will avoid feeling bloated.

This diet will see the pounds drop off and you should eat a wide variety of foods, so you don't get bored.

You could easily drop a dress size or 2 using the beach diet and even better, your skin will be healthy and you will be full of vitality and you.

The other good news is you don't need to starve yourself or cut out any major food group.

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