Friday, June 10, 2011

Diets That Work Fast For Women - Three Tips for Quicker Result

There are lots of great diets that work fast for women. You can take off the pounds fast with little headache, and if you keep up a steady routine of balanced meals and light exercise, you can keep those pounds off permanently. Here are just a few ideas to make your body burn off the calories even faster.

The No Carb Diet With Fruits Instead

We all know that carbs are to blame for lots of our fat woes. But you keep hearing about how whole grains are good for you. The truth is that whole grains are good, but they still give you carbs. If you really want to see some pounds come off, here is an easy idea - substitute your carbohydrate-high foods for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every time you feel like reaching for high-carb foods, reach for fresh fruit or veggies (especially the leafy-green variety) instead. Instead of your breakfast toast, have an apple or banana. Skip the bowl of rice with lunch and munch on some broccoli instead. Instead of a cereal midnight snack, go for a bowl of your favorite naturally sweet fruits like strawberries or orange slices.

All of us can use more fruits and vegetables in our diet. They give you vitamin C and essential nutrients, and they can also help you burn fat. Keep the fruits and veggies coming!

The Say No To Sugary Drinks Diet

It's just amazing the number of calories we get from soft drinks. Soda is by far the worst culprit. But many of us have a hard time saying no to that sugary sweet beverage. You've got to cut out the soda if you want to lose weight. If it helps, try looking at it this way - with less soda in your diet, you can keep enjoying some of your favorite sweets as a trade-off!

Here's what you do. Whenever you feel the urge for a surge of sugary soda, try a healthy alternative. The absolute healthiest drink in the world is good old fashioned water. Water keeps you hydrated and keeps your nutrients from getting flushed out. It can also help at meals by making you feel full.

If water's too wholesome for you, there are other alternatives. Try herbal teas, iced tea (without the sugar!) or hot water with honey in it. Honey gives you the sweet taste of sugar but it's also got its own health benefits as well.

Work Some Exercise Into Your Day

If you've done some dieting before, you know that you can lose weight gradually over a long period of time. But when you want to lose weight fast, you've got to work some exercise into your routine. This is the only way to burn calories quickly.

It doesn't have to be anything complicated. Walking briskly is a good simple exercise that will help. If you want to lose weight quickly, do some kind of exercise that gets your blood pumping and sweat glands moving. Exercise 3-4 times a week for about a half an hour. Aerobic exercises that get your body moving are great. So is strength training. Most people believe weight lifting is all about building muscle mass and bulking up, but actually it's a great way to burn fat fast.

When thinking about diets that work fast for women, choose something that works for you. Think about your tastes and lifestyle, and go with something that sounds good. It's really important to remember that you can lose weight quickly, but you'll put it right back on if you get back into old habits. Make a commitment to getting thin - and staying that way.

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