Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Discover the Benefits of the Diverticulitis Diet

The diverticulitis diet is very precise, and might be hard to follow at first, but over time it will become easier. Diverticulitis is a very painful condition, one that no one wants to develop! The diet for individuals suffering from diverticulitis will help with the symptoms, and even if you don't have the condition, can help you to lose weight.

First, what is diverticulitis? It is a common digestive disease found in the large intestine, particularly in the colon. It can lead to very painful inflammation and intestinal infections. While some of the problem might be genetic, medical professionals also believe that it is caused by the popular dietary habits of those in the United States, which usually includes very low fiber content.

The diverticulitis diet is filled with high fiber foods that keep your digestive tract working appropriately. The high fiber foods not only control the condition, but they are a healthy way of eating that can lead to other benefits as well. Isn't it great to find a diet that keeps your health in check while letting you drop excess pounds?

There are specific reasons why the high-fiber diet helps you lose weight. Fiber always increases in size in the stomach, leaving you feeling satisfied (full) after you eat. The feeling lasts longer than it does with high-protein foods - or any other kind of food, for that matter. If you feel satisfied, you will be less likely to keep eating, which leads to smaller portions. Fiber helps your digestive track function, but it also tricks your body into thinking you're full. Less calories always equals weight loss.

Another reason the diverticulitis diet works has to do with the nature of the foods you eat while on the diet. High fiber carbohydrates and vegetables are also low-glycemic foods. By eating low-glycemic foods, you are avoiding extra insulin production in your body. Insulin tends to turn the extra glucose in your body into fat cells, and that leads to weight gain. The lower the glycemic index of the foods you eat, the faster you will lose weight. By staying on the diet, you are essentially on a "Low G.I." diet. Low G.I. diets are proven to work!

Keep in mind that staying on the diet is not the only thing you have to do to make your weight loss goals happen. A reasonable exercise program is essential to drop the stubborn pounds. Visit your local fitness center or surf the internet to find the best exercises to compliment your new diverticulitis diet. Once you get into the routine of exercise and the habit of eating the high-fiber foods recommended for the diet, you will be impressed at how easily the weight will come off!

If you're tired of seeing high numbers on the scale and you want to feel better, healthier, try the diverticulitis diet. It's good for weight loss, but it's good for your body's functioning as well.

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