Friday, June 10, 2011

African Mangoes Diet

The African mango is a common native fruit in West Africa. It is a fruit that African people have consumed as a regular part of their diet plan for many years. Recently, the African mango fruit has received a lot of attention because of the health benefits it presents and its relation to weight loss. This particular mango produces an extract known as Irvingia Gabonensis which is utilized in making the African mangoes supplement.

The super slim mango has gained global recognition as an excellent option in handling weight loss management targeting the slimming of the waistline and tummy area. It is also great in preventing disorders associated in gaining weight such as obesity, diabetes, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Because of the booming popularity of the African mango, this super slim mango fruit has become a phenomenon in the market and has been noticed quite a bit in the media. It's benefits and advantages gained a lot of traffic buzz in forums, blogs as well as health and consumer sites.Because of this, scientist and experts have done studies of African mangoes and people have recognized it as a wonder fruit in weight loss assistance.

What makes it different from other mangoes?

Recent clinical studies done in Cameroon led by Dr. Julius E. Oben as well as the US Wellness officials found out that extracts from the African mango increases the speed of metabolism, burns fat deposits faster and is helpful in suppressing the appetite by increasing the body's hormonal leptin sensitivity. Leptin is the hormone in the body which is responsible in giving hunger warnings in the brain.

Aside from the extract, African mangoes are rich in soluble fiber and anti-oxidant substances. The fibers in super slim mango are good in preventing colon cancer, aiding in the development of good cholesterol and hence preventing development of any heart diseases. Their high amounts of anti-oxidants are good for the skin and hair as well as anti-development of cancer cells.

Because of the potential of the super slim mango, experts are continually conducting research and studies to market the product. However, if you are not comfortable with taking pills or tablets, you might as well buy the fruit itself in markets and groceries. You could eat the fruit itself or learn how to make food preparations or dishes to add variation in eating the African mango. You could look up some sites on the internet for different recipes and preparation. However, this will not give you the full effect or power of taking the supplement as the 'Dikka nut' found within the mango itself, is the main ingredient of the diet pills, creating the weight loss.

Moreover, it is also advantageous to make some routine adjustments to your eating habits by taking less food high in sugar and fats. In that way, you could get the optimal result in taking supplements and eating the native mango African fruit if you desire. African mangoes are natural and risk free. It's background in providing good nutrition and health benefits are not just a myth. Like, any fruit it provides a lot of nutritional content needed by the body but with the benefit in facilitating loss of weight, a special extra powerful benefit.

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