Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Subway Diet - Slim Down and Look Great!

The Subway diet is real, and yes, it does work! The story of Jared Fogle, the man who became famous for shedding over 245 pounds by eating Subway subs, is a true story of weight loss success. Jared achieved his weight loss in only one year by making a diet plan and sticking to it. You can do the same thing!

The key to the Subway diet lies in being conscious about what you eat. Subway offers a selection of sub sandwiches that fall into the "Subway diet" category. That means they contain six grams of fat or less. If you substitute two meals a day with the Subway subs from this category, combine it with exercise, and stick with it, you can lose weight just like Jared did.

What exactly did Jared do? At the beginning of his Subway diet weight loss odyssey, Jared tipped the scales at 425 pounds. He knew his extra weight was endangering his very life, so he began looking into different diets, trying to find something that would work for him. It seemed nothing would actually help him lose the tremendous amount of weight he needed to shed, so he created the Subway diet.

Jared began walking to his neighborhood Subway shop - a distance of one and a half miles - and eating their subs. He stopped eating breakfast (not something most weight specialists recommend) and replaced his lunch and dinner meals with Subway subs. He also ate baked potato chips and drank only water or diet soda. Between the reduced calorie intake and the walking he did every day, the pounds literally melted away.

A key to Jared's weight loss was portion control. He ate a 6-inch turkey sub for lunch, followed by a 12-inch veggie sub for dinner. The sub contained no oil or mayonnaise, so there were no fat calories to be concerned about. The only calories he was putting into his body were good ones, from vegetables and lean meats, as well as whatever calories were in the bread he was consuming. The result was astounding.

You can do this, too. While it is not advisable to skip breakfast, a small breakfast such as a bowl of cereal packed with nuts and whole grains, or a few pieces of fruit and a cup of coffee could be a good start to your day. Consider eating Subway sandwiches for lunch and dinner. You can add their baked chips and wash it all down with a diet soda, or better yet, flavored water. That's all there is to it! By doing those simple things, you will be following the Subway diet.

If the Subway in your town is within walking distance, add exercise to your diet by walking to get your lunch and dinner. If you can't do that, consider walking regularly around your neighborhood or joining your local gym. While you can lose a little weight on the Subway diet alone, in order to generate the most weight loss potential, you're going to have to exercise as well as eat healthy.

The Subway diet worked for Jared, and if the commercials are any indication, it has been working for a lot of other people, too. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you?

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