Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Burn Fat Calories - Diet Versus Exercise

Look around the gym and everyone is exercising their behinds off trying to valiantly to burn fat calories in the quest for the body beautiful. So why does it seem as though the people on the treadmill are doing all that running just to stand still?

All that exercise may not be the answer. Here is why when it comes to the question of how to burn fat; getting your eating habits handled is your number one priority.

Exercise is inefficient
Humans have evolved to make use of limited food and this means it's always going to be an uphill struggle to exercise energy away. We are very efficient at storing away excess energy in the form of fat, and we needed to be, to make sure we survived the lean times when food was scarce.

Losing fat vs burning fat
Trying to burn fat calories off with exercise is an option; it just isn't the most effective one. That is to put your body in a position to burn fat calories without the effort. This is all about your diet and finding the way of eating that is in line with your goals.

Energy deficit is key
Using your diet is about losing fat without the blood sweat and tears of the typical treadmill trudge. What matters most is what goes in our mouths, or perhaps what doesn't.

Getting your nutrition plan dialed in will save you all the time and hassle you thought you had to be willing to give to exercises. Besides let's face it, a major reason people give up is the very fact that they don't believe they can spare the time or stand the effort they think it takes to burn fat and reach their goals.

One problem with weight loss for many of us is the fear of what happens when you reach your goal. If exercise is your means of controlling your weight than you are doomed to spend the rest of your days running a race to stay ahead of the game and keep the fat off. It doesn't sound sustainable, and it isn't. It is one of the reasons why the slimmer of the year is usually out of shape in the years to come.

Losing fat is about learning to live in line with your goals
When it comes to the question of diet versus exercise to burn fat calories, diet wins every time. Focus on putting the right eating habits in place and when you do you'll have an approach that fits your life, for less effort, and that is guaranteed to do the job for the long haul.

See the bad news is it's not about quick fixes.....but that's also the good news! Reeducate yourself and learn how to choose a healthy and happy way to lose weight.

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