Sunday, June 26, 2011

Diet Tips For Dogs - But I Can't Resist His Eyes

When your dog is too heavy and needs to lose weight it is your responsibility to feed him an optimal diet. The fact that he is in such a position now is due to your feeding regimen and the amount of exercise you give him.

Having said that I must admit that restricting your dog's food is not an easy task at all.

I know from first hand experience that a hungry dog does cause some very difficult emotions in his caretaker.

The way he looks at you with those mournful eyes!

The way he follows you around, especially when you are in the kitchen is enough to make anyone's heart bleed.

But let's face it: You overfed him just because of his way at looking at you in such an accusingly manner, because you could not bear the thought of being such a cruel dog keeper.

He has been looking at you in this way all the time, persuading you to give him just a little bit more, just another little scrap here and there and maybe even some cake every now and then.

We like to make our dog's happy and we know how hard it is to be hungry.

It is easy for the vet to tell you that you must put your pooch on a diet - after all, he does not have to look into those sad and hungry eyes!

Of course we all know that being overweight seriously compromises health as well as life span expectancy...but could we not start starving our canine to death tomorrow?

My own dog and I had to undergo this cruel time together and I don't know whether it was worse for him or for me.

Now that he is in shape, looking fit and healthy and much, much more lively than before I am glad we did it. But it is hard to keep up the good intentions. Every now and then I find myself filling up his bowl just a tiny bit more, giving him more cereals, handing out more tit-bits.

Then I have to check myself by reminding me that carbs are bad for him. It is a constant challenge not to over feed him again out of misunderstood love or just pure carelessness.

I am willing to stick to the rules though because I do know that my dog needs my strictness in order to maintain a healthy body.

And it is because of this that I am doing my very best to resist those eyes!

As a loving and dedicated dog owner you aspire to do what ever you can to make your four legged friend happy. Protecting him from harm, providing the best possible nourishment and life style as well as educating him well are important for his overall well being.

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