Saturday, June 25, 2011

There Is No Diet Substitute For Refreshing Water

We are what we eat, but we are also what we eat and drink. Beverages are consumed in America by the millions of gallons every day with very little focus on what we are really allowing ourselves to drink. Beverages have a very alarming effect on our overall health and health issues we are dealing with. What we are told about many of these drinks and what the truth is, are very misleading. It is also true that beverages have a larger than life impact on the health of Americans and not in a very good way, creating some very serious heath problems as our thirst is quenched every day.

Many people don't even begin to realize the calories that they drink in each day until they begin to diet. It is very easy to overlook beverages when you are eating but these drinks can really pack some calories onto your daily consumption. Calories are not the only issue that plagues the refreshing beverages we consume each day. Sugar is another significant issue that affects many beverages. Even those that are natural such as juices contain a significant amount of sugar and when given over the course of a lifetime can significantly increase the chance of developing diabetes.

The most basic of beverages is naturally water, followed by black coffee and herbal teas that have properties that are very beneficial to the body and good health. When consumed without all the additives, these drinks are a very natural healthy alternative to the deceptively parading junk we have been consuming.

Milk and juice have long been promoted by the health industry as the ideal drink for toddlers and young children, but the research has shown that both these products are very sugary and promote tooth decay in babies as well as young children. Teaching your child to drink pure water very early will serve them well into adulthood. They will be leaner and much healthier without the sugar additives.

Doing a beverage house cleaning will significantly change the direction you and your family's health. Putting an equal amount of focus on beverages we consume, will bring to light the true contents of what we are drinking and the impact this is having on our health if we continue without any changes. It is much better to return to water as our choice of beverage to drink. This will improve overall health, help keep the waistline trim while adding money to the budget, all of which do impact our lives.

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