Monday, August 8, 2011

Want to Lose Weight Fast? Jump-Start Your Diet By Cleaning Your Fridge, Food Shelves and Closet

you want to lose weight fast and keep it off forever - here's how you can jump-start your diet by giving your fridge, food shelves, freezer and closet a good spring clean.

Why should you start your diet with a home clear-out? It's all about getting rid of the old, including some bad eating habits and those old (guilt-inducing?) clothes, to make room for the new you. And while you can jump start your diet at any time of year, Spring, being the season of new birth, growth and renewal, is ideal. Besides, there's still time to get rid of those extra pounds before summer!

Jump-Start Your Diet - Clean Out Your Fridge!

What lurks at the very back of your fridge? Maybe you'd rather not know about the cheese that's been there for weeks, the bacon that was opened a month ago, the half bottle of spaghetti sauce growing mould on the top, the cheese that's dried out...yes, there are nasty things in there.

Time to toss them all, and also any condiments (mustard, catsup) that's been opened for more than a month, any wilted vegetables or shrivelling fruit, any leftovers older than a couple of days and eggs you bought more than a week ago.

No matter how recently purchased, the following also has to go:

Margarine or shortening (packed with nasty trans fats)

All nuts except raw (not roasted) walnuts or almonds or low-fat, low-sodium and no sugar added natural nut butters (almond, cashew, macadamia nut)

Full fat milk and coffee creamer.

If you want to lose weight fast, it's best to avoid dairy completely, except for plain yogurt (no fruit, no sugar), preferably organic. Instead, you'll eat leafy green vegetables, broccoli, sardines and salmon to get the calcium you need. Once the bad stuff is gone, it's a good time to clean the fridge before you put what's left back.

Jump-start Your Diet - Clear Out Your Food Shelves

Canned foods that are high in salt or sugar, or that are older than two years, have to go, if you want to lose weight. Toss the cream soups, puddings, single-serving fruit (check how much sugar is added), and creamy sauces along with mayonnaise (bad fats), pickles (sugar) and salsa (unless it is low fat, low sodium and has very little sugar).

Throw out everything that is high in bad fats, including crackers, chips, pretzels, cookies, cereals, microwave popcorn, and just about everything that claims to be low-fat or fat-free (check labels and you will see it is high-sugar, high-trans fats, the bad fats, and high in preservatives.) If it comes in a box or in plastic wrap, it is almost guaranteed to contain ingredients that will do nothing for your health, in the longer term, or you weight loss now. What's on your wine or liquor shelf?

Either lock it up or toss it out (or maybe give it away) because in order to lose weight fast, you need to cut out alcohol (including low-cal beer and alco-pop). Throw out spices that are older than three years (their favour is gone) and your cooking oil. Replace it with coconut oil or unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil, preferably organic.

Ditch the pop or soda, including diet pop - it only causes continued sugar craving. Drink cold water instead. Flavoured coffees, cake or cookie mixes, most energy bars, fruit juices and salad dressings have to go - they all have bad fats, salt, sugar and other additives that will sabotage your weight loss.

Jump-start Your Diet - What's In Your Freezer?

Cake? Ice Cream? Frozen lasagna? Diet meals? Check all the labels - if it is high in salt, or sugar, or calories, or additives, or has anything in the ingredients that you can't identify, toss it. Say good-bye to frozen juice (too much sugar). Keep: lean frozen meats, poultry, and fish, only if they've been in your freezer less than 3 months.

Now We Move On To Your Closet

Why? So we can clear out everything that: You haven't worn for the past two years. You don't really like. Was another sad shopping mistake, because it doesn't go with anything you've got. Looks just awful on you. Face it - you're never going to wear again.

Take it to the consignment shop, or give it to charity if it's still wearable. Otherwise, bin it. So, now that we've freed up lots of space in your fridge, your freezer, your food shelves and in your closet, what's next?

Well, next you need a healthy eating plan you can stick to that helps you eat less while keeping you satisfied. With the right plan, you will lose 10 pounds or more quickly and safely and learn to keep it off forever.

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