Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to Keep Off Weight After Dieting

The motivation factor to lose weight is different for all of us. It may be an image issue or a health scare that is the catalyst for weight loss. Whatever the case may be many of us tend to lose focus during the process. The motivation to eat right and exercise wavers once you have lost the intended amount of weight and usually even before that. The diets and exercise regime are like a burden that we desperately want to relieve ourselves of.

Let's analyze some of the factors that can prevent us from gaining back the pounds we so arduously shed. Irrelevant of how you actually lost the weight understand that the hard part is over. Maintaining a healthy weight is much easier than losing it in the first place. Simply put, when you were in the process of losing that excess weight you had to burn more calories than you consumed but to maintain your weight you only have to burn as many calories as you consume. Consequently your calorie intake when maintaining your weight can be higher than what you were allowed when trying to lose weight.

To begin with, you must accept the fact that you cannot resume your old eating habits and expect to stay fit and healthy. After all that is why you needed to go on a diet in the first place. You must permanently adopt a healthier lifestyle if you want to uphold your weight. Once you've come to terms with this 'horrifying' fact of life it will be significantly easier for you to be happy about what you are doing. If you are resentful it is unlikely that you'll last very long.

Secondly, always bear in mind the reason you lost the weight to begin with. Keep yourself motivated to keep that weight off. Encourage yourself. Jot down some words of inspiration and hang it on the fridge as a motivational reminder to keep it up. When you meet up with temptation and you are enticed to binge you have to find a way to curb your desire. Listen, 'nothing good in life comes easy". You must persevere and not give in to that devilish inner voice trying to convince you that just a little can't do much damage. I once heard a cute saying, 'A moment on your lips but forever on your hips'. Anyone trying to lose weight knows how true that statement is. Succumbing to a temptation may provide you with a momentary pleasure but the negative effects will linger long after all the enjoyment has diminished. It's just not worth the one bite.

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