Saturday, August 13, 2011

Can Weight Loss By Surgery Really Help?

Apart from health supplements, weight loss by surgery is another way of losing weight. Although it has helped many people to lose weight fast and effectively while regaining their self confidence, it has also caused the deaths of many. So as to whether you really can lose weight, it all boils to your body condition, endurance and fitness levels.

Before determining whether weight loss surgery is suitable for you, there are various factors you need to take into consideration.

1. Your Current Weight

One of which is your current weight. Interviews with weight loss surgeons have clearly indicated that patients have to be at least 80 pounds overweight as a minimum requirement to qualify for such treatment. So if your weight is less than 80 pounds, surgery is not really necessary for you and you should look at other measures.

It is all when all those measures like dieting and exercising failed that most people turned to surgery as a final resort.

But treatments like gastric bypass and lap-band surgeries are extremely costly and risky. Despite doctors' caution advice, people are still insisting on those in exchange for a quick fix of their fats and out of pride.

2. Your Health

Another factor is your health.

Besides overweight, do you have any other health issues like kidney, liver and heart? Or does your doctor ever outline the consequences of losing excess weight for your health?

If you are not in the pink of health, then weight loss surgery is obviously not for you as you may not only fail in losing weight but ended up losing your life as well.

In case you are not familiar with those 2 treatments I just mentioned. let me elaborate. Gastric bypass surgery requires stapling your stomach while lap-band involves the use of an adjustable or removable band to be inserted into your stomach. Before going for such treatment, it is best to go for medical and X-ray checkups.

In most weight loss surgeries, doctors tend to reduce the stomach pouch size first unless patients have special conditions that will exempt them from it. But even after their patients lose weight from those, the doctors still require them to eat healthy and exercise regularly so that they will not be fat again.

All these literally answers the title question. But there is no guarantee from any doctor that this will help you in losing weight fast and effectively.

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