Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Extreme Weight Loss Diet - Lose That Last 10 Pounds Fast!

If you need an extreme weight loss diet so you can finally lose that last 10 pounds and do it fast then this article will show you how to do it the smart way. You see there is a smart way to lose weight fast and there is a very stupid way. The smart way keeps your metabolism strong the stupid way destroys your metabolism. I am all for fast weight loss but you have to do it smart, here's how.

Extreme Weight Loss Diet

Whenever you have an event coming up or the summer is looming large and you want desperately to get fit, fast the crazy ideas start to swirl in your head "Maybe if I just stop eating for a week I will be able to fit into my bikini by Saturday." Sounds like a plan right? WRONG. This is a sure way to screw up your fat burning metabolism and even if you managed to starve for a week, come Saturday the weight will come back on fast leaving you looking bloated in your bikini (or swim trunks... I am not ignoring you guys out there).

The point I want to get across is work with your body and it will drop the extra pounds. The way you work with your body is by giving it what it needs. So let's take a look at what your body needs.

Your body is smarter than the old weight loss equation that went like this - "eat less and exercise more and you will lose weight." This is so 80's, and while this might be true at the beginning of a diet this out-dated formula does not hold true after about a week, think about it, have you ever gone on a diet and had your weight loss slow down after a week or two? That was because your body caught on to what you were doing and decided to adapt to the lower calorie intake by slowing your fat burning metabolism.

You see your body doesn't understand the concept of "dieting". It does understand the concept of starvation however and when you voluntarily reduce your calorie intake for too long your body says "Uh-oh, we are headed for starvation" and it takes action to hang on to your calorie-rich fat storage. So the longer you are on a diet the harder your body holds on to fat. Not cool.

So I hear your question, "How in the world do you lose weight if keeping your calories low slows your metabolism?" The answer is to give your body what it needs and the body needs a boost in calorie intake in order to keep the metabolism burning fat. So if you work in regular high calorie days you will actually speed up your fat loss, but you must do it with a plan so I have included on for you.

Start your diet week with a "cheat day" where you eat about 50% more than you body requires to maintain your weight. This can be found using a calorie needs calculator online. Then the next 6 days restrict your calories, the amount will differ from person to person but will generally run in the low 1,000 calorie/day range for women and the mid 1,000 calorie range for men. Repeat this extreme weight loss diet for continuous fast weight loss and for much better results add exercise.

Now I know this is overly simplified but I hope it makes sense to you. You want to work your diet so you maximize your calorie and fat burn yet be smart so you keep your metabolism high.

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