Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Discover the Hidden Link Between Omega 3 and Weight Loss

There has been a lot of talk about the connection between omega 3 and weight loss, but few people seem to really understand why this essential type of fat makes such a huge difference for those trying to shed the excess pounds. If you are trying to get in shape and are considering a fish oil supplement to help you along, first consider what you can and cannot expect it to actually do for you.

Omega-3s are fatty acids that are made of a very particular molecular structure. While the human body needs them for literally every bodily function, they are not naturally produced in our bodies. This means we have to take them in through the fatty layers of some fish, meat, eggs, and some plant sources such as flaxseed, and even from supplements.

Since the highest concentrations are found in fish, that is where most people turn when they want to take advantage of the omega 3 and weight loss connection. This connection is more than just a passing fad being passed around to promote dietary supplements. Science is validating and proving that there absolutely is a very powerful omega 3 and weight loss link, as long as the right concentrations are consumed on a regular basis.

So, how exactly do fatty acids help you lose weight? Since these fatty acids are essential for every bodily function, they are also essential to the functioning of your metabolism. The speed of your metabolism determines your rate of fat loss which in turn determines how quickly and efficiently you lose weight.

Everyone wants a faster metabolism, but unfortunately the process naturally slows down with age. That is where the omega 3 and weight loss link kicks in. These essential acids are proven to rev up the metabolism and increase fat burn when you workout.

This is where the omega 3 and weight loss link differs from diet pills that claim to do it all for you. Fatty acids will increase your metabolism and increase fat burn, but you have to do the work to actually get that process going.

Also, these fatty acids help control blood sugar and lower bad cholesterol levels. Both of these are typically out of whack in overweight people, so it is a great way to protect your health while getting your weight back into the healthy range.

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