Saturday, August 13, 2011

3-Step Diet for the Obese! Let's Get the Fat Off For Good!

The best diet for the obese will get the fat off not just by focusing on calories-in/calories-out, which means lightening up on your intake (calories-in) and exercising (calories-out.) You must also pay attention to what your intake actually is. Unless you switch to as much organic food as possible, your body will continue to gain weight.

Processed foods are laden with toxins and chemicals that are clogging up your liver. The liver has become weighted down with heavy metals, preservatives, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. Your liver is so busy trying to fight off these poisons, that it's not sending the proper messages to the brain to speed up the metabolism. Although you may be feeling okay right now, your body is slowly shutting down from the heavy burden you are putting on it.

If you've had enough of the insidious stares you get from people, the self-hatred, the depression, and anger, then it's time to get serious! Any change in emotions that seems to be getting worse or hangs on for a long time, could possibly be food allergies. Skin rash and puffy eyes are not the only symptoms of food allergies. Your body may be trying to eject the poisons you have eaten.

3 Steps To Great Health And Vitality

1. Get permission from your doctor. Before beginning any life style change, you need to first check with your doctor. Ask him/her for a safe diet for the obese. Say - out loud - that you have finally decided to get the fat off.

2. Step two is a whole body cleanse that will detoxify and get your metabolism running at full speed again. I do a full body cleanse every three months. I enjoy incredible energy, my mind is clear, and I can focus on my work. After your body cleanse, make sure you go off the plan as recommended by the product you choose.

3. You will stay on step three for the rest of your life, unless you really like being fat. But if you want to get the fat off for good, you'll be motivated to make these changes. Step three is your life style change. Start eating well-balanced healthy meals - no more food in a box! Eat free-range chicken and eggs. Eat grass-fed beef, fish that has been caught wild, healthy organic grains, and whole fruits and vegetables (as much organic as you can afford.) Any good diet for the obese will recommend these changes.

Start thinking of your body as the sacred temple it is. It can only run as well as the nutrition you put into it. Once your metabolism is back to speed, and you are feeding your body what it's begging for, you will be rewarded with weight loss. Pay attention to portion control and you will lose even faster. This is the best diet for the obese. Remember! Slow and easy is the only way to get the fat off for good.

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