Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dieting For Weight Loss That Lets You Live Life!

If you have been dieting for weight loss for any period of time then you can understand how quickly a diet can end up taking over your life. The wrong diet can interfere with your ability to go out with friends, disrupt your work schedule and leave you feeling so tired and wiped out that it hardly seems worthwhile. There is a better way and it involves learning how to eat real foods in such a way as to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Dieting for Weight Loss Tips

1. Do not get sold on "healthy" carbs. Food companies want you to buy their products so they will often slap the "healthy" label on their food to give you a false sense of peace that this food will be good for you while dieting to lose weight. The problem is these healthy carbs are often quick digesting foods that turn to sugar within minutes of hitting your digestive track. What this means is that your body pours insulin in and pushes the carb (now sugar) into your fat cells for storage.

My suggestion: Stick with whole carbs such as fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes and for your bread cravings go with breads made from sprouted grains, rice or spelt, which will break down slowly in your body and actually help you body burn fat.

2. Mix the right carbs mentioned above with the right fats. When did we decide to go so crazy on fats? We have replaced natural foods like real butter, whole eggs and raw nuts with chemically manufactured hydrogenated oils, margarine and substitute butters. Your body will handle natural fats well but these chemically altered fats cause your liver to work overtime and that takes up resources your liver could be using to breakdown body fat.

3. Drop the calculator for counting calories and instead eat the right portions. One way we let dieting for weight loss take over our lives is by counting every calorie that goes in our mouths. I am not saying you should throw all caution to the wind and eat everything; you must keep track, at least until you learn what your body works well on. However, counting every single calorie is maddening and will cause you to quit.

The solution to dropping the calorie calculator and getting back to life is allowing yourself to eat enough of the right foods such as those mentioned above. When you do your body tells you what is the right amount because your body prefers to be balanced. This is not as difficult as it may sound, in fact, when you eat the right foods in the right portions, you will find eating the right amount to lose weight fast comes naturally.

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