Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dieting Motivation - What Works and What Does Not

There are a lot of reasons why you want to lose weight. Well, the obvious is because you are out of shape and on the heavy side already. 'Dieting motivation' is a very important part of losing weight and getting in shape.

'Dieting motivation' can be the make or break aspect of your weight loss target. With the wrong motivation, one can go around in circles and even worsen and become fatter. This is what we are trying to avoid.

Motivation is relative to each and everyone but there are some that work for most and there are some motivations that are just not helpful in losing weight. Let us discuss some motivations that work and those that do not.

What works: Asking yourself 'what is in it for me' is the best question ever in dieting motivation. It means that you are self motivated to do this. Well, there are a lot of benefits in store for you in dieting. Aside from being leaner, slimmer, and sexier, your over-all health will be better.

What does not: If you are anchoring yourself for the approval of other people if and when you lose weight is dangerous. Why? There are few reasons to this. One, people lie. If they say you got thin even though you did not, then you will be stuck forever in the shape that you will be in. Two, some people will tell the truth. If you do not get approval then it could be very disappointing thus does not motivate you to continue.

What works: Delayed gratification. No, not just delayed but gratifying your self with the right food. Aim to reward yourself with a healthy treat whenever you lose weight. It means that you should still avoid or maintain the low intake of fattening foods. Substitute it with healthy alternatives.

What does not: Gratify now and think sweating it out would make it okay. If you eat foods that should be avoided and burn just equally during work out, then you have not really lowered your calories and body weight, do you?

What works: Thinking long term. Imagine being sexy for the rest of your life. Looks good, right? A healthy and fit body will make you enjoy more of what life has to offer, plus old age would not be an excuse to do some amazing things.

What does not: Crash diets. Obviously, you will just lose weight for a short term and starve yourself more and crash your health worse.

What does not: Doing it later and hope you will burn fat by your delaying tactics.

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